No Risk Auction Items

Charity Fundraising has helped over 5,000 non-profit organizations increase their fundraising revenue by tremendous margins with our no risk auction items. In fact in 2012 alone our no risk auction items raised over $4 million for charities and non-profits in the US and Canada.

To give you more detail about how we support our charity partners, Charity Fundraising offers all our incredible autographed memorabilia, VIP experience and vacation packages on a no risk consignment basis, so your organization will receive 100% of the profits. We’re proud to work on the honor system and request no cash, credit cards or deposits up front. We work exclusively with the non-profit community, so we have perfected the fine art of helping deliver blockbuster charity auctions to all our partners.

Here are the steps to getting started:

  1. Contact one of our fundraising experts at (201) 492-4294, or email us here.
  2. Discuss your fundraising strategy and select the no risk auction items you wish to include for your fundraiser.
  3. We ship you the items, free of charge and ready for display.
  4. Hold your fundraiser and help your organization increase donations.
  5. Any items that don’t sell, ship them back to us free of charge.

If your organization is interested in learning more about no risk auction items contact Charity Fundraising today!